e-Learning & Medical Education

Social Media in Health care

A course conducted on futurelearn.com, a MOOCS platform, to encourage the better understanding of opportunities and challenges in social media.

Multimedia systems & medical applications

To understand the role and importance of the social media networking websites and data processing systems in the medical and clinical applications.

Medical informatics

The topic of this class will be all about medical informatics.

Internships for College and Graduate Students

ICHIT@TMU offers internship opportunities for college and graduate students interested in research in health IT.

Internet of Things for Active Aging

A course conducted on futurelearn.com, a MOOCS platform, to learn how Internet of Things can help aging people.

Digital Health for Cancer Management: Smart Health Technologies in Complex Diseases

Learn how new digital health technologies are transforming cancer management with this course for healthcare professionals.

Telemedicine & mHealth

Practice of health information systems & care in resource-poor settings

To bring together students that span the engineering, business, public health, and medical disciplines and create collaborative ecosystems that will incubate, implement and scale eHealth technologies.