2016 Hackathon on Health IoT (HiOT)

International Center for Health Information TechnologyTaipei Medical University with a close collaboration with MIT Sana Global Team, Boston, US, promotes an intensive integrative program designed to build local capacity and promote locally sustained innovation. Our complete program is deliberately structured to advance projects from idea to implementation.

The TMU-MIT (Sana) Hackathon is an intensive 3 days program to accelerate proficiency in global health informatics, to leverage international engineering resources and build mHealth capacity. The program is designed to introduce computer science and electrical engineers to mobile health technologies, while also exposing them to the clinical perspectives so they can more effectively design and implement mobile health solutions.

The participants are brought together with local clinicians to share ideas and innovate in an organized Hackathon, bringing theory into practice. The 3 days event allows engineers to immediately apply the concepts and lessons on actual projects, working in multidisciplinary teams to develop rapid prototypes and solve real problems. These projects then may be continued as research or startup ventures, while other students can benefit by continuing with more extensive health informatics training.

Taipei Medical University Da'an Campus - B2, Conference Hall