e-Learning & Medical Education

Flipped Classroom for Medical Informatics Class

To encourage students to understand the field of health IT.

iSlide Project

A ‘big picture’ interactive teledermatopathology e-learning system

Social Media in Health care

A course conducted on futurelearn.com, a MOOCS platform, to encourage the better understanding of opportunities and challenges in social media.

Health IoT

Bio-sensor project

Using mobile wireless technology to monitor ECG in participants of mass events and sports taking place in difficult-to-access location could both prevent and easier detect arrhythmias as well as provide real-time monitoring for any type of injury.

CloudBP Project

A randomized controlled trial for hypertension control by integrating cloud-based manometers and physician order entry systems

Telemedicine & mHealth

LabPush Project in Swaziland

To assess factors facilitating as well as factors hindering the adoption of mobile devices in the Swazi healthcare through evaluating the end-users of the LabPush system.

Mobile Motivational Messages for Change (3M4Chan) Intervention in TMU

The 3M4Chan pilot in Taipei Medical University (TMU), Taiwan, is a part of the SmokeFreeBrain project. It is aimed to understand how mobile motivational messages influence the process of quitting smoking.

Sana Mobile health Project

Sana Mobile health Project with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT-Harvard), USA and College of Medical Science & Technology (CoMST), Taipei Medical University, Taiwan

Travelers Electronic Health Record Template (TrEHRT)

Travelers Electronic Health Record Template (TrEHRT) with AMIA, APAMI, EFMI, IMIA

Big Data Analytis & Visualization

Advanced Electronic Safety of Prescriptions (AESOP) Project

Disease-Drug Association Project in collaboration with Taipei Medical University, Taiwan and Brigham and Women's Hospital (BWH), United States


Visualization of Cancer Associations Map Animation

Informatics for Precision and Translational Medicine

Long-Term Drugs Versus Cancer Risks

PWAS-Q Project

To objectively characterize phenome-wide associations observed in the entire Taiwanese population and represent them in a meaningful, interpretable way.

The disease map

Disease Wide Associations (DWAS) Project with University of New South Wales and Visualization of disease-wide population-wide associations.

Visualizing disease trajectories using big data

To see is to believe - Visualization of the Spectrum on chronic diseases