Mobile Motivational Messages for Change (3M4Chan) Intervention in TMU


To study the act of quitting smoking in Taiwan with focus on these areas:

  • Effects of mobile motivational messages, tailored to the user profile by a health recommender system, in smoking cessation.
  • User data, including physical activity, and its relation to the smoking cessation process.

Description of the Pilot 

  • Duration: Sept 2017 to March 2018
  • Participants enrolled in the study, are required download the “Quit and Return” app, and will receive motivational messages as soon as they start the attempt to quit smoking. The outcome of this study will be assessed at the end of 6 months following the app download and initiation of the quitting attempt.
  • Participants will be benefited from tailored cessation interventions with integrated body weight management elements that take into consideration the prevailing local and cultural influences on diet and levels of physical activity.