An i-Guardian for life-long conscious monitoring with brain damage

There are more than 15 million stroke and 69 million traumatic brain injury (TBI) patients every year worldwide.  These brain damaging diseases do not only present a high mortality rate, but also are severely debilitating to those who survived.  They may suffer from a very painful and long-term treatment and rehabilitation processes for the rest of their lives.  The current treatment and rehabilitation processes are complicated, uncoordinated, expensive and can last for decades.  Over the course of treatment, the patients can go through ER, ICU, inpatient wards, chronic care facility and home.  Many critical care decisions may not be optimally made due to the complex and discontinued care processes and also due to the lack of quality clinical data/decision support.  One of the key components that is often sub-optimally monitored is the change of consciousness of the patients.  As a result, patient with brain damages are often unable to achieve the outcome they expected.  This proposal aims to build an AIoT-based, around-the-clock “guardian” platform for these patients for their life-long journey of recovery with better long-term outcome.
This “i-Guardian” platform will host (1) a rich data collecting cloud, (2) a IoT (Internet of Things) repository, (3) a versatile AI engine with novel algorithms, (4) a data standard committee, (5) a data governance committee and (6) a clinical setting with dedicated ICUs.
Last updated: Oct.5, 2022